Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cover Design - Collision by Ingrid Alexandra

Title: Collision
Author: Ingrid Alexandra

When two worlds collide, so do two hearts...

Meet Ella Beauchene. She has it all, beauty, wealth, popularity and an uber-hot boyfriend. Yet this fiery, misunderstood party girl is downright miserable. Despite her many blessings and 'I don't take crap' attitude, Ella feels like that's all she does - take crap. Everyone seems hell bent on making her change her rebellious ways and start marching down the straight and narrow towards a future she doesn't want. The people she thought she was closest to seem to be against her. Ella is trapped, miserable and desperate to escape.

But it seems escaping her troubles will never be any more than a dream.

That is until she meets a stranger in the woods surrounding her family home one night. A stranger who seems somehow familiar, who gets her, and who...wait for it...

...glows in the dark.

When she wakes the next morning, Ella is sure it's all been a dream. The beautiful, God-like Colton, a man whose body should have a warning label and who somehow understands her like no one else, HAS to be a figment of her imagination. That is until she is faced with frightening evidence to the contrary... evidence that forces her to consider that their meeting may have been a collision in more ways than one.

From that moment on, Ella's not sure whether it's her life she wants to escape, after all. It may just be that she is destined to escape her entire world.

Kim x

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