Pre-Made Cover Gallery

Are you on a tight budget for your book? As an author myself, I understand that every penny counts when it comes to getting books into the hands of readers. That’s why a pre-made book cover is a fantastic solution.

When you purchase a pre-made cover from KILA Designs, you will receive a quality product at an affordable price. Have a browse through the designs below to see if there’s a solution for your story, then fill out the form to place your order.

All pre-made covers are sold only once.

Prices range from $79 to $129 for eBook covers, and $129 to $229 for eBook and paperback wrap.

After you have placed your order you will receive an invoice and design agreement. Your first cover proof will arrive within 72 hours of cleared payment. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Please note: KILA Designs uses stock photography and cannot guarantee the image(s) used won't appear on other book covers. However, every effort is made to create unique designs. Stock photography licensing will be provided at the time of sale.

Pre-made covers only allow for text changes. All images and fonts remain as they are. If you see something in this pre-made gallery that you like but require further alterations, please fill out the form below and indicate your requests in the Anything else? space provided. You will then be supplied with an adjusted quote and we can go from there.

To order please CLICK HERE.

For more information, and to see designs first, join my Facebook Cover Group.