Friday, October 2, 2015

Cover Design - Liberated by M. J. Stevens

Title: Liberated
Author: M. J. Stevens

'Which is more important, your faith or the truth?'

After the MECHs dominated Selestia and drove the Guardians underground, the world has finally begun to recover. With society relaxing into a state of harmony, Mellea can no longer deny the truth of what is happening to her. She is becoming a Speaker.
However, as she begins to explore what it means to have a connection with the spirits, more dark secrets present themselves.

With the weather around Selestia turning harsh and unpredictable, it becomes clear that not everyone is happy with the new regime. Doctor has one more trick up her sleeve, and it will cost a Guardian their life.

Being on the 'same side' doesn't mean you can be trusted.

Liberated is the final, heart-racing instalment of M.J. Stevens's Guardians Trilogy.

Kim x

Cover Design - The Twenty-One by Lauren K. McKellar

Title: The Twenty-One (Emerald Cove #2)
Author: Lauren K. McKellar

I look both ways before I cross the road. I knot my laces twice. Boring? Sure. But it’s also settled. Stable. Safe.
And I like safe.
Because broken bones may be hard to heal, but broken hearts are even harder. And when push comes to shove, I’ll lie to protect the ones I care about.

But the truth can set you free … can’t it?

My name is Ellie Mayfield. And this is my undoing.

Kim x

Cover Design - How to Save a Life by Lauren K. McKellar

Title: How to Save a Life (Emerald Cove #1)
Author: Lauren K. McKellar

I learnt the hard way that labels stick. Laura took “lovely”, and the teacher branded me “ladylike”.
It stuck with me, even through my high school years. It felt like that was all I’d ever be.

Until everything changed.

Lonely Lia.
Little Lia.
Lia the liar.
Lia the lost …

Now the choices are endless. But I don’t want to be any of those either.
My name is Lia Stanton. And this is my story.

Kim x